Jan 31, 2016

Marry a thrifty, handy Scottish guy and you are set for life. (The stove needs a new thermostat) 

Jan 29, 2016

Don Loper’s iconic “Martinique” wallpaper.

I spotted this in a store in South Miami.
I asked, of course, and they confirmed that is is  Don Loper’s “Martinique” wallpaper.

I am trying to create a live version in my back yard. 

Nov 25, 2015

November sale --disco ball ornaments 50% off at Macy's--think of the endless possibilities

Craig's List stuff

Craig's List : Two Chinoiserie foot stools $35
Left stool covered with vintage chenille bedspread. (temporary --not sure yet if these should be *matchy matchy ")

Brunschwig & Fils fabric found at local church thrift store "This 'n That" $2

Oct 31, 2015

Daisy wearing a wig for Halloween. 

Lonchocarpus violaceus trees

My backyard "lonchocarpus violaceus" trees are blooming . The beautiful blue Venini "Monofiori Balloton~1970" vase was a gift from our exchange student from Venice, Italy who is staying with us for the school year. I planted the trees in my backyard last year and this is the first season of blooms. The flowers are attracting bees and hummingbirds and they have a lovely scent. 

Who is going to live in that house???

Who is going to live in that house???
A few new monkeys for the neighborhood