Jan 9, 2011

CIANI Emporio San Firenze----Craig's List score


About 6 months ago, I stumbled upon two outdoor sconce lanterns at my local thrift store (This n' That in the Grove) As soon as I picked them up off the shelf, I knew they were well made--they were very heavy. I purchased them for $30 each. When I took them home and googled the name forged inside--CIANI Emporio San Firenze --I discovered that they were made in Florence, Italy and sold 'To the Trade only". [ just as exciting as "price upon request"] Further investigation revealed the retail/trade price of $500. 
The other day on Craig's List I see a listing for "two old lanterns". They looked just like the ones I found in the thrift store. So I dragged my husband up to Miami Beach to take a look. They are the exact same make and model! What are the chances? The seller said he removed the lanterns from a house he lived in 15 years ago in Sun Valley, Idaho. This time we paid $35 each.


Anonymous said...

Wow Sally! Like you said, what are the odds?? All this love and attention to detail is what will make this house your HOME. It will welcome you with a warm smile every time you walk through the door. Thank you Sally, for taking all of us along for the ride :)

Jamie said...

Lucky you! A perfect fit -

Who is going to live in that house???

Who is going to live in that house???
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