Mar 24, 2011

Addison Mizner & Pecky Cypress wood =Palm Beach

I visited friends in Palm Beach this week. We strolled along Worth Avenue. I just love all the Addison Mizner architecture--the colonnades, french doors, casement windows, barrel tile roofs & decorative ironwork. This photo is of a pecky cypress ceiling. When the pecky cypress tree gets attacked by a fungus the result is this beautiful texture. I wonder--is there some way I can 'fake ' this look on my ceiling? I think pecky cypress may be too expensive for our budget.

I found an episode of Color Splash on HGTV where David Bromstad does a faux pecky cypress ceiling for a client's  house in Miami.


priscilla said...

I guess you could take a screwdriver to some fir or pine. hammer it in a tan angle and pull it out in the opposite direction.
We had some in our hallway that was painted white.

Sally said...

thanks! I LOVE awnings. I wanted to put them on my Northport house, but then we moved. Definitely on the radar for this project.

Sally said...

oops--I meant to post this after your other comment on the Lilly post.

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I think you could take a screw driver to some fir or maple. sort it in a tan position and take it out in the other.
We had some in our corridor that was coloured white-colored.
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Who is going to live in that house???

Who is going to live in that house???
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