Feb 2, 2012

Beveled Arabesque Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile

Advertisement photo for"Arabesque" beveled glazed ceramic tile from Mission Stone & Tile $22.95 per sq ft

Merola "lantern" ceramic tile. Home Depot $6.95 sq ft.

My last kitchen had the lovely but now ubiquitous white subway tile back splash. This time around, since the house is Spanish Mission I thought I'd throw in a bit of Mediterranean flair --LOVE, Love these "arabesque" tiles. I am somewhat concerned about the grease catching factor of the beveled edge. Home depot makes a similar shaped tile without the beveled edge (for 1/4 of the price!)


spasusan said...

but home depot only has white, grey and black!! no off white or ivory or cream!!

sally said...

The home depot tile it not a super white-white, it is actually more of a gray white.

Who is going to live in that house???

Who is going to live in that house???
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