Mar 7, 2012

Everything and the kitchen sink

It was love at first sight when I saw the gigantic Crane cast iron  kitchen sink stored in the utility room. Perfect for the kitchen remodel. So we carefully removed it during demolition and stored it  behind some bushes in the back yard. Well, a few hundred pounds of cast iron proved too tempting and it was stolen. Damn. 
After months of online searching for vintage sinks and discovering that they only seem to be for sale in the North East (expensive freight charges) I started to give up on the whole idea. Then I found a free Rohl farmhouse sink on Craig's List from a house slated for demolition(retail $1,600). SCORE.  
But my obsession with a wall-mount cast iron sink was still unfulfilled.
I  found a beautiful reproduction wall mount sink online at The price was higher than what I had originally budgeted --but I figured that if I got my kitchen sink for free, I could splurge on the bathroom sink.
The sink arrived today in a very mysterious yet impressive unmarked wooden crate. Love at first sight. Again.

oooh...what is in that crate?? is it FRAGEELAY?


my fantasy of the original owner and the sink--found this photo on google
the sink that was stolen.

photo for inspiration, to show cabinet designer

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Who is going to live in that house???

Who is going to live in that house???
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