Mar 26, 2012

wheeling and dealing

Amex rewards had a 'sale' on $100 gift cards, so I gathered up my points that I have been saving for the last few years ( it helps to have teens who consume $350+ of food per week..) and loaded up on gift cards. After a million phone calls I was able to purchase this vanity for $340 (the reg. list price :$699) How? Well, it was on sale, then I received a proportion in the mail for 15% off. That was the easy part--then I had to purchase it using 3 gift cards and then placing the remaining $40 on my amex card. Not many websites let you use more than one card per transaction...but home depot was very gracious.

I LOVE the Moroccan reference in the door grills. I did not purchase anything else in the collection--that would be overkill ;-).

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Who is going to live in that house???

Who is going to live in that house???
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