Feb 6, 2012

saltillo tile arrived today

Saltillo tile for the foyer, family room & covered porch. Love that it costs 99 CENTS per sq. ft.
Here is a brief description of saltillo tiles that I found on JohnBridge.com :
"South of the border, down Mexico way, there is a rural region, actually a state, known as Saltillo. There is also a town of that name. Sprawled across the sparsely vegetated plains of northern Mexico, Saltillo wouldn’t have a lot going for it if it weren’t for the huge deposits of natural clay that dominate the countryside.
Everyone who is anyone in Saltillo makes clay floor tiles from the abundance of raw material that is at hand. Wood drying racks are strewn across yards, front and back, which are connected by well-worn paths to nearby clay pits. Every man, woman and child, it seems, is engaged in this most prodigious of “cottage” industries.
Unlike most other floor tiles, Saltillo tiles are not baked in a high-temperature kiln. They are, rather, air dried in the sun and semi-cooked in the pits left by the quarrying of clay, or they are cooked in makeshift “beehive” kilns. The tiles are, therefore, extremely soft and crumble easily. They are not tough at all, but they are extremely cheap to buy.
Saltillo tiles impart a rustic look that no other material can match. People who like Saltillo tiles love them, and those who don’t, hate them. There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground."

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Who is going to live in that house???

Who is going to live in that house???
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