Jun 24, 2012

cabana bathroom wallpaper & boat cleats

We call our downstairs full bathroom the 'cabana bathroom' because : A) we like the sound of it and B) it is the bathroom closest to the pool with a shower. We do not actually have a cabana. I went with a nautical theme..sailboat wall covering and boat cleats for towel hooks (inexpensive solution)
Ralph Lauren wall covering ~eBay
boat cleat handles on sink cabinet $3

penny tiles from overstock.com

talavera sink ~$20~ eBay

Titanic Flag, mirrored sconce (Etsy) & monkey fist knot door jamb 


priscilla said...

So happy you posted, looks great, love that wallpaper!

Danielle Mongin said...

I was wondering about the penny tile...how was the installation and is it holding up well? I have enjoyed reading your blog this morning and hope you will continue posting. Thanks!

Sally said...

sorry, I JUST noticed this comment. The penny tile comes in 12"x 12" sheets --a very straightforward installation similar to any other type of mosaic tile flooring (such as the small hexagon tiles)

Randell Jeffries said...

I love your “cabana bathroom”! I really like the sailboat wallpaper, the talavera sink, and the red mirrored sconce! You really have an eye for design and items!

Randell Jeffries

Sally said...

thank you!

Anna said...

Where did u get boat cleat hooks? Thanks, hallock35@rocketmail.com. Love it!

Sally said...

I bought the 4"cleats at my local West Marine store for $1.98 ea.


Anonymous said...

Wallpaper info? In love!

Sally Mander said...

Ralph Lauren "Maritime Novelty" https://www.insidewallpaper.com/p-724590-maritime-novelty-lake-by-ralph-lauren.aspx

Who is going to live in that house???

Who is going to live in that house???
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