Aug 22, 2012

The Craig's List Viking Range

I found this beautiful cobalt blue 4 burner + griddle convection oven on Craig's List. It was in a waterfront house along the Venetian Causeway in Miami Beach. The house was recently sold and the new owner had plans to tear the house down and start new. The oven was perfectly new on the inside ..all we had to do was convert to LP gas and we swapped out  the brass trim to chrome. This range in this color retails for $9,869. We paid less than $1k and the seller also gave us his Shaw Fireclay Farmhouse sink. SCORE. 

For the record: everything on my kitchen counters was found in local thrift stores and garage sales. Ditto for all the china in those cabinets.

the kitchen in 2010


Anonymous said...

SO jealous. Was it a big deal to switch the stove to propane?

sally said...

We purchased the conversion kit from Viking ($150) and my husband figured out how to install it ( I married him because he is handy!)
I am guessing that if you hired a plumber to install the installation kit it would cost you about $300 + parts.47

Who is going to live in that house???

Who is going to live in that house???
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