Jan 28, 2011

Starting to obsess about interior staircase

Construction has not started yet, we are still waiting for permits, banks etc. 

So I am just continuing on with my *research*. I am thinking that the interior stairs might look really pretty with tile riser + wood treads...I found some photos of staircases but they all have very busy  tiles.
. I think I would use blue & white Portuguese tiles in one simple unfussy pattern.


Milissa Resner said...

I LOVE the idea! I never thought of tile risers....only one concern is the possibility of broken or cracked tiles, from being kicked, but other than that.....I LOVE it!!! It is going to look gorgeous <3

Maggie said...

I vote tiles - like it. I think keep it a fairly simple pattern and minimum colors. Can't wait to see the house!

Jamie said...

Stunning! Hopefully everything will run smoothly with all the permit applications.

Cece said...

Love this look. I'm too lazy to tile my risers, but I might play with painting them.

Who is going to live in that house???

Who is going to live in that house???
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